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The Progressive Democrats of Somerville (PDS) is a group of concerned Democrats from Somerville who organize to . . .

  • Influence the Democratic Party and hold its elected officials accountable for supporting the progressive policies and legislation consistent with the Party Platform.
  • Support Progressive Democratic Candidates and Elected Officials whose words and actions demonstrate their commitment to the principles underlying the Party Platform.
  • Become an Effective Force in Local Government, to hold local elected officials accountable to the public, and to advocate for progressive policies and practices that respond to the needs of Somerville residents.


We believe that government should protect the vulnerable from the powerful, ensure equal rights and opportunities for all, and preserve the separation of church from state.

We believe that government has many tasks that cannot be fairly or adequately managed by market forces alone, including: (a) protection of the environment; (b) maintenance of infrastructure; (c) protection of public safety; (d) protection of human and civil rights, including the right to privacy and control of one's body; (e) ensuring access to education and training opportunities that prepare residents for gainful employment and for full participation in their community, (f) guiding the economy, including investment in research and support for businesses, to promote corporate responsibility and the creation and retention of good jobs; and (g) ensuring resident access to decent health care, social services, and affordable housing.

We believe that government services should be financed by a system of fair, progressive, and universal taxation.

We believe that it is the shared responsibility of the government, the media, and members of the community to support the enfranchisement of residents through dissemination of accessible, accurate, and timely information about the decisions and choices that will be made by elected officials, and about the opportunities for residents to inform, influence, and shape those decisions and choices through individual and collective action.

For more on what we stand for, read our platform.


  • Voter Mobilization
    We have actively mobilized voter support for, and helped elect, progressive Democratic candidates at the state and local level. Our successes include US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, State Senator Pat Jehlen, State Reps Denise Provost and Carl Sciortino, as well as several Somerville aldermen and School Committee members.
  • Public Education
    We sponsored candidates' debates, boosted participation in Ward Committees, and mobilized concerned residents on diverse public policy matters such as the city budget, zoning at Assembly Square, the Patriot Act, gay marriage, affordable housing, and public transportation. We hosted a forum on the School Superintendent search, as well as a training for progressives interested in running for office or working on campaigns.
  • Massachusetts Scorecard
    We created and publish the first Scorecard at www.MassScorecard.org. Originally endorsed by the 2003 State Democratic Convention, the Scorecard compared the voting records of Massachusetts legislators to the Democratic Party platform. It is an important means of achieving open government and issue based accountability, and it provided an easy way for every voter to see how their representatives voted on key issues that reflect Democratic values. Our friends at Progressive Mass have recently published an updated Scorecard which is available at http://www.progressivemass.com/scorecard/

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